Quality Assurance & Control

APC Services, LLC (APCS) has detailed procedures for Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC). APCS QA / QC begins with the parent corporation’s Policy and Procedures (P & P) manual. The P & P documents corporate ethical and technical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

APCS emphasizes QA / QC of field data collection. APCS has forms for field data collection. Each field form includes spaces for sample location, sample type, equipment, methodology, etc. and columns for recording measured field parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, ORP, conductivity, etc.. All field measurements and calculations are recorded on the forms with additional comments recorded in field books as appropriate. Field personnel and the project manager must review and sign each field form and field notebook.

APCS uses a three tiered approach to field data that is entered into a database or spreadsheet for QA / QC:

1) Review of field forms for completeness; 2) Data entry is reviewed for accuracy by a second party; and 3) Data is reviewed for correctness (does the data make sense?) and flagged if appropriate. All three phases of QA / QC are documented with written or electronic signatures and include comments for qualified data. All laboratory analytical data is reviewed in accordance with ADEC data quality assurance requirements or the Quality Assurance Program Plan.